Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is KLOBOT?

Welcome to Klobot Official Portfolio Blog! :D

What is Klobot?
As far as i know... Klobot in malay means - KELONGSONG JAGUNG yang kering (dried corn leaves). But we actually NOT that bad :P

So, why on earth we choose dried corn leaves as our name? First of all, we think that Klobot is a catchy and unique name. Some says it very javanese but's rare and easy to remember aite. NO, we are not gonna go soo conceptual about our name - Klobot. Hehe ;p

Who is the Klobot?
Klobot is an original and fresh idea from two people with different personality and background. Hami (Hamifaizal Mohsin) is an animator/ illustrator while Kam (Kamariah Jasmani) is an interior designer. Both of us from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Putting ideas together, blending and mixing it to complement each other work is really cracking our head off - but it is fun and challenging though.

Key figures in Malaysia's burgeoning young art & design scene for two & a half years now (since 2008), we have been credited with producing some vivid hand drawn illustrations on t-shirts and tote bags. Influenced and inspired by great artists, old comics, televisions and hectic environment, we began doodling and creating characters.We love anything to do with paintings, illustrations, graphic and animation. Klobot believe in the hardwork that goes into producing art and design, and want to travel around the world showcasing our work. We also want nothing more to be appreciated and respected as artists & designers in the field.

Thank you for visiting our portfolio blog. Search us at facebook & click LIKE! (name: Klobot) :)

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